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Explore Dr. E's Energy Lab and Energy Kid's pages. You'll find information for school reports, ideas for science projects, puzzles, activities and lots of astounding information.
Bust an Energy Hog! Go to HogBusters training camp and learn how to stop the Energy Hogs. Energy Hogs are nasty critters that hide all over your home and pig out on wasted energy. Learn how to outsmart the Energy Hogs in your home.
Learn about energy conservation and renewable energy at Alliant Energy Kids' homepage. You'll also discover games, energy saving tips, and fun facts! is a awesome site for grades K-12. From information and games to art galleries and experiments, there's something for everyone!
The DEP Just for Kids website is a wonderful page that includes a wealth of information about our planet's land, air, water, and energy resources!
Make your own kite by visiting! It's great fun and you will also learn about varying wind conditions!

Solar boats at River City Roundup 2008

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What if your family installed a renewable energy system? What would that mean for you? Read about it.

The Tobias family in Pilger, Nebraska installed a 10kW wind turbine on their farm. This turbine generates electricity. Here is Becky's story:

When we put up our wind turbine, I got out of school for 2 days. It was really fun to watch the crane lift up the 100 foot tower like it was nothing. Then a guy climbed the tower to disconnect it from the crane, without any safety gear. That was cool because he did it so fast, less than 4 minutes! We timed him. It was cool to watch them put up the tower, much better than being in school.

Hardly anyone at school knows we have a wind turbine, even if they understood what it was they wouldn't believe we had one.

Becky, age 13...